Hatatosis A medical condition

Posted by Hatamus Maximus on 7/30/2013
A Big Head Cap peer-reviewed unscientific study concluded that many emergency physicians miss the diagnosis of Hatatosis. Hatatosis is defined as headwear that perches on top of the head instead of properly covering the cranium. Bugs talking Big Head Caps
 Side effects could include headaches from squeezing too much noggin into a regular-size or small hat. The condition is easily recognized as a cap which is an inch or more short of touching the ears.  Possibly the hat belongs to the patient's child. 

 This does not include the psychological effects of poor image. Poor styling. And as any self-respecting physician knows, image is everything. Big Head Caps Doc

Script a big comfortable hat for yourself, relatives and patients. A side benefit is that bigger sized hats provide more UV protection than "one size does NOT fit all" caps. FDA approved. 

 Click on this link to view the cure for hatatosis.