Ham Biscuits from McDonalds

Posted by Jean on 8/22/2012 to Older Posts
Today, in our office, we came across a letter to McDonald's written by our Big Headed Owner. The letter is dated back to July 9th, 2008 and is a well written (and hysterical) analysis of the McDonald's Ham Biscuit:


McDonalds Store #4291
Memorial Blvd

Dear Food Provider,
A week ago I purchased your new iced coffee and a ham biscuit. Coffee excellent. The ham biscuit left a lot to be desired.
As a discriminating consumer, I opened the biscuit to discover a measly amount of meat between the two biscuit halves. To add insult, there was a tremendous amount of fat with the meat. Instead of eating the biscuit, I dissected the contents to provide the following.

The biscuit and ham weight 3.1 oz.
There was .9 oz of meat.
From the .9 oz meat, .3 oz was pure identified fat which leaves .6 oz of edible meat.

Does this qualify for a "ham biscuit" product name/qualification?

With so little edible meat would you:
Rename your biscuit to: McPorked?
Reduce the price of the biscuit by 1/3?
Reduce the size of the biscuit to make the name/fat look larger?

Anyway, I will boycott the biscuit until the quantity and quality of the ham is improved. I look forward to your reply.