Big Head Caps Research & Development

Posted by BigHeaded Owner on 7/17/2012 to Older Posts

Big Head Caps uses transfers to market our big size hats with branding:

We use a transfer label by Cad-PRINTZ with our contact information to press into the inside of a cap. Customers see the labels to contact us for reordering or questions.

showing a qr code inside a baseball capRecently, we began heat pressing QR labels alongside our labels for smartphone customers. Codes are pressed inside the hat with a white background so customers can easily reach our website through their smart phone scanner to reorder or show their cranially endowed friends. Soon we will have a unique code for every hat style & color. All the customer has to do is take a picture to go to our website & place the order!

Unique Advertising – Using the inside of caps for promotional and utility opportunities:

picture showing business label inside of baseball capCase One: By means of a little used heat press for caps, we solicit companies to advertise or promote their wares on one of the six panels on the "inside" of the cap. "Inside" is the operative word here. Several large companies have expressed interest for this subdued public relations effort. An example would be Cracker Barrel logo on one inside panel. A man picks his hat up & puts it on and then asks himself, "I wonder where I’ll go for breakfast?" Other companies just like to have their name seen everyday: State Farm, Campbell Soup, Target, etc. In the near future, we will have advertising specific to zip codes. Therefore, a local company has local people reading the local advertisement.

Case Two: A grocery chain has a discount card for their customers. Currently the grocery chain offers discount cards or key chain cards. Why not use a ball cap for the discount bar code? With a well defined barcode such as Cad–PRINTZ, the transfer has never been denied. Men, who the grocery chain wants to target for more business, will use the card more frequently. Everybody wins.

labels of cracker barrellabel of kroger barcode