Pass The Hat

Posted by BigHeaded Owner on 9/12/2012 to Older Posts
Pass The Hat
And make it a Big One!
picture of cap upside down
12 years ago I got a call from a clergyman who wanted to talk to me about the size of our big size hats & caps.  The gentleman wanted to know if our hats were really bigger than a standard or regular size hat. I immediately shipped him a 47 Brand St. Louis Cardinals Ball Cap made for BigHeadCaps®. 

After a couple of minutes in persuading him the hats were 20% larger, I asked why he was so intent on assurance.  His reply was heavenly.  "Young man, when we pass the hat around for donations I want the biggest hat available!!  The bigger the hat, the less money it looks like we've collected."

Several years & hats later, I asked him if his theory of the bigger the hat yielded better donations?  He said he believes it does & the theory was divinely inspired. 

A note from Big head Caps: We offer many different colors of caps including purple.  If your parishioner wishes to try the cap on, ask them to refrain until donations are taken out of the hat.